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What kind of coverage should I purchase in Ada, Oklahoma, If I operate a dump truck on a construction site?

If you operate a dump truck on a construction site in Ada, Oklahoma, you will need to obtain the proper form of insurance for your dump truck. Because you are technically using the truck for commercial activity, you will need proper commercial insurance to protect you from liability and any damages your truck may incur on the construction site.

About Commercial Auto Insurance

In most cases, commercial auto insurance will meet your insurance needs when you operate a dump truck during construction. Commercial auto insurance provides coverage for your truck in the case that it is damaged. When you’re using a dump truck on site, it is highly likely that your truck is going to take on quite a bit of wear, so it’s a good idea to have this form of coverage.

Commercial insurance is important because it also provides coverage against the injury of an employee operating your dump truck. If there is an accident, the bodily injury coverage comes in to cover the medical bills of the injured party. Without this crucial protection, you may find yourself legally liable if there is an injury on site.

How an Independent Insurance Agent Can Help

When you purchase insurance for your dump truck, it is important to ensure that you obtain adequate levels of coverage. An independent agent is knowledgeable about various commercial needs and can help you determine what levels of coverage will protect your business. We can also help you determine whether you need additional riders to cover any special liabilities that may be present in your business.

Further, an independent agent carries policies from multiple insurance providers and can help you compare policies and obtain the best deals on commercial insurance. Contact us today to speak with an independent agent who can help you obtain proper coverage for your construction site.