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What coverage do I need for company cars, which are in use by our employees?

As a business owner, you need to carry commercial auto insurance on your company vehicles. Your company car insurance is entirely different from your personal vehicle insurance. The car insurance for your business is designed to provide coverage for you or for any employee who is driving company vehicles.

The types of coverage included in a commercial auto insurance policy usually include the following:

Liability Coverage: Liability coverage is required by virtually every state in the U.S. The purpose of liability auto coverage is the protection of people who you or your employees may have caused damage to in a car accident. For example, if your employee is driving to make a delivery and causes a collision with another vehicle, your liability insurance would provide the coverage.

Collision Coverage: Collision coverage is an optional type of insurance, but it is highly recommended. Collision coverage is there to deal with the damage that might happen to your company vehicles during a wreck. Although the liability insurance coverage will take care of the damages to the other person’s car, it won’t cover your company vehicles, thus collision coverage is important if you want to protect your company vehicles.

Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive insurance coverage is also an optional type of commercial business insurance, but it is very important if you want to have coverage for the medical needs of you and your employees that might happen as the result of a wreck. Liability coverage will take care of other people in a wreck if they get hurt, but it won’t cover you or your employees in terms of medical care, thus comprehensive coverage is important.

As a business owner, making sure that you and your employees are properly covered at all times while on the road is important. Our independent agents work with multiple major insurance carriers and we can get you quotes from all the big insurance companies at one time. Try our free live quote tool online or call us today!