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Is Accidental Glass Breakage Covered Under my Home Insurance Policy in Coalgate, Oklahoma?

Accidental breakage of glass in a home can be a topic of confusion when it comes to your home insurance policy. Although the details of any policy may vary in Coalgate, Oklahoma, some insurers may be willing to pay for the damages when the glass is broken due to an accident.

The Situation

Depending on the insurer and your policy, the situation that caused the accident may play a role in your ability to make a claim. Insurers may offer coverage in certain situations, like a neighborhood child throwing a ball and accidentally breaking the window, but might not cover the damages in every situation.

Insurers may identify specific situations that are covered in a policy. Otherwise, you have specific exceptions or clauses that are identified that help you determine when you are not covered for the accident.

Differences Between Policies

Every insurer has a different policy and method of determining whether an accident is eligible for a claim. Depending on your current policy and the insurer, you may or may not be covered for accidental breakage.

Read your policy thoroughly to determine if you are covered or not. Pay specific attention to any clauses, exceptions or fine print that may impact your ability to make a claim. The specific details of your policy may impact your ability to make a claim on your account based on exceptions or fine details that are stated in your current homeowner’s plan.

Replacing the glass after an accident can be expensive, but it is possible that you may be covered for the damages and repair costs. Insurers may offer some protection against accidental breakage so that you are not facing a difficult financial situation. Contact us to talk to an independent agent today for more information.