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Why would anyone in Oklahoma need auto insurance?

People that live in and around Ada, OK are going to quickly find that owning a car is a good investment. Anyone that is a car owner here will be able to quickly get around town and enjoy all that it has to offer. As you are looking for a car, you should also get proper insurance for it. People that live in this area of Oklahoma will need to have this insurance for a few different reasons.

Insurance is Needed to Drive Legally

The state of Oklahoma continues to have strict laws around insurance requirements. If you want to drive a car in this state, you have to carry the minimum levels of insurance. If you are driving and do not have insurance, you will face serious penalties. In some cases, people will lose their license, and their future insurance rates often increase.

Insurance Needed to Protect Vehicle

Additionally, you are going to need to have auto insurance to protect your car. The last thing that you would want to happen would be to lose your car due to theft or accident damage. If you get an insurance policy that has full coverage, you can get coverage to protect against this downside.

There continue to be plenty of reasons that someone in Ada, OK will need to have auto insurance. Picking the right policy is very important and can be a complicated decision. Due to this, you need to make sure that you choose a policy that is right and meets your needs. The team at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. can make it easier for you to pick a quality policy. If you do call Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. you can get the support that is needed to choose the right auto insurance. 

Why should I get wedding insurance?

One of the most momentous days in someone’s life comes when they get married. While a wedding is a very special celebration, it can also be very expensive and require a lot of planning. Part of the planning process should be to prepare for the unexpected. One way that someone in the Ada, OK area can do this is by getting wedding insurance. There are several reasons someone here should get wedding insurance.

Covers Risks of Cancellation or Postponement

When you have a wedding, you are likely going to have to reserve a venue, catering service, entertainment, and many other vendors. If the event needs to be canceled or postponed, you may still be on the hook for some of these costs. Fortunately, if you get wedding insurance, you can receive the protection and support that you need to offset these costs if you do have to cancel the wedding for a covered purpose.

Liability Protection 

During your wedding, there is always a risk that an accident could occur that leads to bodily injury or even damage to the venue. If this occurs, you could be held responsible. Fortunately, you can offset this risk by getting wedding insurance as it will provide you with liability protection. 

When you are looking for a new wedding insurance policy in the Ada, OK area, it would be a good idea to speak with an insurance team that is experienced and that you can trust. The insurance team at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. can help you choose the right wedding insurance policy for your wedding. When you get this insurance from Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. you can be assured that you have proper insurance, which will allow you to plan and enjoy your wedding with peace of mind. 

Demystifying the myths of life insurance. What are the facts?

If you are an Ada, OK resident, you have probably heard several myths about life insurance. But before you decide not to buy a policy based on these myths, here at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, we demystify for you the myths and the facts. Taking a life insurance cover is one of the most acceptable ways to protect your loved ones from the uncertainties of life. You and your loved ones will overcome any financial hurdles without any challenges.

Myth: You only benefit from the life insurance policy after the death of the insured

It is assumed that you can only benefit from a life insurance policy after the insured’s death. This is not true. There are various types of insurance policies, most of which will provide financial aid if any life assured’s eventuality. A life insurance policy will offer you a moneyback guarantee after some time or a retirement plan. It would be best if you discussed with our insurance agents at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency on all the available options for you.

Myth: Life insurance is only a tax-saving means

Policyholders will sometimes invest in a life insurance policy as a tax saving option. While it’s true that you save a lot through tax relief by holding a life insurance policy, the policy acts as a financial safety net in case of life eventualities. At Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc, our policies are customized to ensure the maximum benefits from the policy.

Myth: You do not qualify for a life insurance policy if you have an existing illness

This is not the case. However, you must disclose this information to our agents at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. This is to avoid any surprises during the claim process. The insurance agents will discuss your medical history with you, and how that impacts the premiums, you are required to pay.

Please visit our website or visit Moon – Baker Insurance Agency at Ada, OK, for further clarification on the myths about life insurance.

Why do I need a Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Since July 1965 Medicare has been providing healthcare to people 65 years and older no matter what their medical history or income. Today more than 60 million Americans are covered by Medicare. In 1980 Congress brought Medicare supplemental insurance under government oversight. Today seniors have choices about the type of Medicare coverage they want. At Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. in Ada, OK  we understand Medicare coverage is confusing, and having an insurance agent you trust can help with the decision-making process. 

Understanding Medicare

Medicare is not just one simple insurance policy. It has different parts with different requirements. You can choose from Original Medicare and a Medicare Advantage Program. You can only purchase a Medicare Supplemental Policy with original Medicare. Original Medicare has two parts:

  • Part A which you receive free of cost covers inpatient hospital stays, hospice care, surgery, lab tests, and in-home health care. Skilled nursing care is also covered but not long term.
  • Part B is medical coverage and you pay for it every month depending on your income. Coverage includes doctor’s visits, in-home care, outpatient care, and durable medical equipment. 

Medicare covers 80% of the negotiated costs of these services. It also has a yearly deductible that must be met. For the costs to be covered the provider must accept the rate that Medicare will pay. Original Medicare does not cover prescription costs. This is Part D coverage which you are mandated to buy under threat of a lifelong penalty. 

Medicare Part F

The reason why you need Medicare Supplemental Insurance is to pay the 20% that is not covered by Original Medicare. Many different companies offer these plans and they cover part or all of the 20% not covered. 

Contact Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. in Ada, OK  to make an appointment to discuss your insurance needs. 

PPO vs. HMO Health Insurance

Health insurance is a necessity in the present age. It only takes one medical emergency in Ada, OK to empty your savings account. When it comes to health insurance, most buyers will choose between a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). The agents at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. can help you understand the difference between HMO and PPO health plans. 

What Is HMO Health Insurance?

An HMO insurance plan is coverage that provides financial protection for doctor-approved procedures. Those with HMO plans typically pay less in monthly premiums. Policyholders must, however, remain within the network to get the full benefits of their plans. 

Some consumers prefer health plans that do not require a primary physician’s approval before treatment is rendered. There is also the matter of remaining within the network, which leads to individuals having to choose another doctor if their preferred physician is not in their HMO circle. 

What Is PPO Health Insurance?

Those who want more liberality in choosing providers may select a PPO health plan. This type of policy lets policyholders choose their doctors and does not require a primary physician’s approval before procedures commence. 

A PPO plan costs significantly more than an HMO policy, which is why some may steer clear of this type of health insurance in Ada, OK. Those looking to save money on monthly premiums may not find a PPO plan as beneficial. 

Which Health Plan Is Right For You?

The best way to choose a health insurance plan is with a professional’s guidance. The agents at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. can help you understand how HMO and PPO indemnity policies work so you can select the plan that best suits your lifestyle. Call today Moon – Baker Insurance today to get started with a quote for coverage.

Three things you need to know about builders risk insurance

At Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. we provide builders risk insurance to contractors and other building homes in Ada, OK. We’re here to help you learn about this important type of insurance coverage.

The following are three things you need to know about the builder’s risk insurance.

Builders risk insurance covers damage to buildings under construction. 

As buildings are being constructed, it is possible that they can experience damage due to a wide variety of possible causes. Builders risk insurance is a type of insurance that covers building projects for damages before construction is complete. 

Builders risk insurance can therefore be useful to anyone who is building a property. This includes not only future homeowners and contractors but also those in charge of development projects and those who are flipping houses. 

Builders risk insurance policies generally include certain exclusions. 

Those who purchase builders risk insurance must understand all the exclusions that go along with their policy.

A standard builder’s risk insurance policy will probably have coverage exclusions for damage from theft, rust, wear and tear, and a few other possible causes of damage. 

There are various add-on coverages available for builder’s risk policies. 

There are also quite a few options that go along with the builder’s risk insurance policies in terms of add-on coverage.

Some possible add-on coverage options are covered for damage to scaffolding or construction forms. Policies could also include an option for debris cleanup or pollutant cleanup coverage after an accident.  

Are you in need of builders risk insurance coverage in Ada, OK? Get in touch with us at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. and we’ll help you find the right policy for your unique needs. 

Which home insurance coverages should a new homeowner focus on?

Getting yourself a new abode comes with many considerations. From selecting property taxes to finding a good neighborhood, there are many factors that come into play when buying a home.  However, if you are an Ada, OK resident, you are in luck because Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. is here to answer all your questions.

Which coverages should you focus on?

The home structure

This coverage applies if your house is completely pulled down by a hailstorm, fire, or any other covered peril. The perils covered range from a variety of situations such as vandalism, lightning strikes, and fires. However, coverage does not apply to some situations such as earthquakes, floods, or general wear and tear to a home.

Personal belongings coverage

Furniture, clothing, appliances, and electronics are part of your belongings and are covered in this coverage. While this coverage fully protects the essential items, there are limitations when taking into consideration high-cost valuables. Jewelry, guns, paintings, furs, and other expensive souvenirs should be insured individually under a rider or valuable articles policy.

Loss of use coverage

Additional Living Expenses, also known as Loss of Use Coverage, covers the incurred costs of a policyholder to live in a comparable space similar to their home before they lose it.


Buying a home insurance policy without the inclusion of liability coverage may not be a great idea. A lot of accidents happen that could lead to expensive lawsuits. That is why it is always important to have coverage that takes care of your liability needs, whether injuries or property damage.

 Don’t wait till a disaster strikes your home to buy home insurance. Home insurance not only protects you and your family but also protects your property and its contents. For quotes, questions, or new policy discussions, feel free to visit or call us at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. in Ada, OK today!

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a requirement for drivers in Ada, OK. An auto policy from Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. can protect you from accidental injuries, property damage, theft, liability issues, and breakdowns on the road. By carefully considering the following factors, you’re more likely to make wise auto insurance choices.


Auto policies in Ada, OK offer numerous types of coverage. By being selective, you can get more accurate protection from your auto policy. If you own a high-end car, for example, you’ll want coverage to protect your vehicle from damage or loss. The right coverage will protect you, your vehicle, and others on the road. It will also meet Oklahoma’s minimum auto insurance requirements.

Insurance Company

By choosing a reputable insurer in Ada, OK, you can get quality coverage, good customer service, and affordable coverage. You’ll also have less trouble filing a claim when you need to.

Payment Options

Consider how you want to pay for your policy, i.e. in monthly installments, semi-annually, or in a lump sum annually. Most insurers offer payment options and provide discounts for paying on an annual or semi-annual basis to help you save money on your policy.


Choose coverage that matches your lifestyle to ensure you get adequate protection on the road. Your coverage should be enough to cover the risks you face taking into consideration your lifestyle and driving habits.     

Insurance Discounts

If you’re a safe driver, have completed a driving course, have safety features in your car, live in a safe area or drive less than a certain distance daily, you could qualify for discounts on your auto coverage. Ask your insurer to inform you of discounts you may qualify for to save money on your policy.

For more information on auto insurance coverage and costs, contact Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc., serving residents in Ada, OK.

3 reasons why you may need wedding insurance

There is so much more for weddings than just a celebration. If you have been involved in wedding preparation and organization recently, you may have noticed how the cost to run a wedding has dramatically increased. In fact, organizing a wedding in Ada, OK today is like buying a car–which typically comes with auto insurance. Similarly, you want your costly wedding to be insured as there are a million and one things that could go wrong.

That is why Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. prepared this article. Here are the three primary reasons why you may need wedding insurance.

Cancellation or rearrangement

While it may be the most heartbreaking thing to deal with, the harsh reality is that your big day may end up being pushed to another date. Depending on the reasons, you want to ensure that all the resources put in place are safeguarded. Whether it is the venue, disagreements, illnesses on the caterers, or photographers, it is prudent to be open-minded.

Bad weather

Bad weather is one of the main reasons why many people cancel their weddings in Ada OK. While the weather can be unpredictable, it doesn’t mean that you should lose your money.  Adverse weather can prevent most guests from getting to the wedding venue, causing significant disruption and a few losses in your investments.

Peace of mind

Planning a wedding is not easy. However best you plan it, damages, accidents, cancellations, and losses can still happen and render your once-in-a-lifetime event turns into a nightmare. Wedding insurance helps provide that peace of mind by compensating you in case something goes wrong.

However, organized and well-planned your wedding is, you can never guarantee perfection. With that in mind, it is wise to budget for wedding insurance to help protect your finances. For more information about wedding insurance, feel free to contact Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. today!

Things To Consider When Shopping For Life Insurance

If you are an adult with a spouse, kids, business, house, and any other financial liabilities, you should consider getting life insurance. Life insurance is a guarantee that your beloved ones are financially protected, so you do not have to worry that they will inherit your financial burden after your death. Choosing the right life insurance policy is not the easiest decision. In order to help you, Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. serving Ada, OK has prepared the list of things you should consider when shopping for life insurance:

Duration of the policy

There are two types of life insurance policies to choose one: term life insurance that lasts only for a certain period of time, and universal or whole life insurance that lasts as long as you live. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages, so you should discuss the options with a qualified insurance agent. 

Your beneficiary

A beneficiary is a person, who will receive the proceeds of the life insurance policy The main thing to remember when choosing a beneficiary is to avoid choosing a minor child (children may be unable to receive funds) or an estate (due to tax implications). Your insurance agent will be able to help you to choose the right beneficiary by discussing the available options. 

Your insurance needs

Evaluate your contribution to your family income and dependency of your family members on your income. This evaluation will help you in assessing your insurance needs and picking the policy you really need and can afford. 

Life insurance is not a luxury anymore – it is a valuable investment that is able to protect you and your family. If you are a resident of Ada, OK, or any other surrounding community, the insurance agents of Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. are ready to assist you in finding the policy based on your needs and budget.