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Can I file a claim on my auto insurance policy in Sulphur, Oklahoma if my car is damaged by a pothole?

Sometimes you see potholes and sometimes you don’t. Potholes are just one of the many hazards you might encounter when driving down the street in Sulphur, Oklahoma. If you hit a pothole and it causes damage to your car, you may be able to file a claim with your Oklahoma auto insurance company.

Hitting a pothole can do minor damage to your car, or, it can result in an expensive repair bill. If you get a flat tire, you are looking at a bill from maybe twenty-five dollars to patch the tire or several hundred dollars to buy and install a new tire. It could also cause more serious and more expensive damage such as a broken axle. If hitting the pothole causes you to lose control of your vehicle and slam into a tree, the damage could run into the thousands.

As long as you have auto insurance that includes collision, you will be able to file a claim with your carrier for the damage caused by your encounter with the pothole. Your auto insurance company will get an estimate from an appraiser and determine e the amount of damage. After you meet your deductible, any amount of the claim above the deductible will be paid for by the insurance company.

You should think before filing a collision claim with your auto insurance company. If you file a claim, your rates may go up when it comes time to renew your policy. If, for example, you have a $250 deductible and the damage is $300, it would probably be smarter to pay the extra $50 yourself and not file a claim with your car insurance company.

As your independent agent in Sulfur, Oklahoma, we are here to help you with all types of claims. Before you file a claim for damage caused by a pothole, give us a call and an independent agent will go over all of your options so you can make the smartest choice of how to proceed.