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Can a Family Member in Ada, Oklahoma, Inquire or Make Changes to my Car Insurance Policy?

Owning a car and purchasing auto insurance does not necessarily mean that Ada, Oklahoma residents will have the same amount of protection that they expect. Depending on the situation and insurer, a family member might be able to make changes to the policy.

Situations that Allow Family to Make Changes

Certain situations will allow family members to make changes to a policy, even if they are not on the policy. The most common situation is when the changes are minor or relate to the entire family, for example, informing the insurer about a change of address or simple changes that do not actually impact the coverage, but do impact where bills are sent.

Another situation is when a family member is part of the policy. For example, a spouse might change the policy because it is in both names. When the policy includes more than one individual, the other party is able to make changes to the policy.

Differences in Companies

While certain situations may allow individuals to adjust a coverage plan, it is ultimately the insurance provider who determines if an individual can change the policy. Each insurance provider will have different rules and guidelines that determine who is eligible to change the current plan. In most cases, it will depend on the relationship and the situation. For example, a parent can ask for alterations if a teen driver is behaving recklessly or a spouse might qualify to adjust a plan to fit the current budget.

Buying auto insurance does not necessarily mean that the only individual who can adjust the plan is the individual purchasing the protection plan. In some cases, certain members of the family might also have the ability to change the plan. To learn more, contact us to talk to an independent agent.