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Which home insurance coverages should a new homeowner focus on?

Getting yourself a new abode comes with many considerations. From selecting property taxes to finding a good neighborhood, there are many factors that come into play when buying a home.  However, if you are an Ada, OK resident, you are in luck because Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. is here to answer all your questions.

Which coverages should you focus on?

The home structure

This coverage applies if your house is completely pulled down by a hailstorm, fire, or any other covered peril. The perils covered range from a variety of situations such as vandalism, lightning strikes, and fires. However, coverage does not apply to some situations such as earthquakes, floods, or general wear and tear to a home.

Personal belongings coverage

Furniture, clothing, appliances, and electronics are part of your belongings and are covered in this coverage. While this coverage fully protects the essential items, there are limitations when taking into consideration high-cost valuables. Jewelry, guns, paintings, furs, and other expensive souvenirs should be insured individually under a rider or valuable articles policy.

Loss of use coverage

Additional Living Expenses, also known as Loss of Use Coverage, covers the incurred costs of a policyholder to live in a comparable space similar to their home before they lose it.


Buying a home insurance policy without the inclusion of liability coverage may not be a great idea. A lot of accidents happen that could lead to expensive lawsuits. That is why it is always important to have coverage that takes care of your liability needs, whether injuries or property damage.

 Don’t wait till a disaster strikes your home to buy home insurance. Home insurance not only protects you and your family but also protects your property and its contents. For quotes, questions, or new policy discussions, feel free to visit or call us at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. in Ada, OK today!

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a requirement for drivers in Ada, OK. An auto policy from Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. can protect you from accidental injuries, property damage, theft, liability issues, and breakdowns on the road. By carefully considering the following factors, you’re more likely to make wise auto insurance choices.


Auto policies in Ada, OK offer numerous types of coverage. By being selective, you can get more accurate protection from your auto policy. If you own a high-end car, for example, you’ll want coverage to protect your vehicle from damage or loss. The right coverage will protect you, your vehicle, and others on the road. It will also meet Oklahoma’s minimum auto insurance requirements.

Insurance Company

By choosing a reputable insurer in Ada, OK, you can get quality coverage, good customer service, and affordable coverage. You’ll also have less trouble filing a claim when you need to.

Payment Options

Consider how you want to pay for your policy, i.e. in monthly installments, semi-annually, or in a lump sum annually. Most insurers offer payment options and provide discounts for paying on an annual or semi-annual basis to help you save money on your policy.


Choose coverage that matches your lifestyle to ensure you get adequate protection on the road. Your coverage should be enough to cover the risks you face taking into consideration your lifestyle and driving habits.     

Insurance Discounts

If you’re a safe driver, have completed a driving course, have safety features in your car, live in a safe area or drive less than a certain distance daily, you could qualify for discounts on your auto coverage. Ask your insurer to inform you of discounts you may qualify for to save money on your policy.

For more information on auto insurance coverage and costs, contact Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc., serving residents in Ada, OK.