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Can I negotiate a denied Auto insurance claim in Coalgate, Oklahoma?

It’s not uncommon for an auto insurance provider to deny a claim. There are several reasons why this may happen, ranging from insufficient evidence to support a claim to car damage far exceeding policy limits. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to negotiate with your insurer to reconsider a denied claim, but it may take a bit of work to have it done.

If you feel that your claim was denied in bad faith, the first step is to gather as much proof as possible supporting your claim. Police reports, photos and witness statements add weight to your insurance claim. You’ll also want to contact an attorney who specializes in resolving auto insurance denials. Most attorneys offer a free consultation, making this an ideal step that will help give you a better idea of the options at your disposal.

One option involves filing a complaint with the state’s Consumer Assistance/Claims Division. As stated in the Oklahoma Insurance Consumer Bill of Rights, the insurer has to respond to the complaint within a 30-day period after the division receives the claim. A more expensive option involves hiring an attorney to pursue a bad faith claim case in small claims court. This is often considered a last-resort measure due to the expense involved.

Your insurer may offer to settle the dispute via mediation, a non-binding alternative dispute resolution between yourself and the insurance company mediated by a third party. This process is less expensive than arbitration and in most cases you’ll be able to come to a mutually agreeable settlement with the other party.

Before making your decision, contact us to speak to your Coalgate, Oklahoma independent agent. Your agent may be able to offer alternative options that work in your favor.

Disclaimer: The content of these blogs do not represent any type of specific coverage’s offered by the agency.

My Car is Stolen and the Garage is Left Damaged, Should I use Both Auto and Home Insurance Policies to Claim for the Losses in Sulphur, Oklahoma?

When a car is stolen from your garage, it may seem like a complicated situation. You may worry about whether to use your auto insurance to pay for the loss of the vehicle or if it is appropriate to use your homeowner’s policy. Although the details of any policy can vary, in most cases a combination of both policies is appropriate to handle all of the damages that are incurred.

Auto Policy for the Car

A lost or stolen vehicle is often covered under an auto insurance policy in Sulphur, Oklahoma if you have a comprehensive policy. If you do not have coverage for theft in your auto policy, then it may be possible to make a claim for your stolen vehicle with your homeowner’s insurance since it was taken from your garage.

Repairing the Garage

Regardless of whether your vehicle is covered under your auto policy, the repairs for your garage may be claimed on your homeowner’s insurance. Depending on the type of garage, the amount of funds available to repair the damages may vary. A detached garage usually has a set percentage of the total policy amount, such as 10 percent, while an attached garage is considered part of the house.

Make a claim with the homeowner’s policy to repair the garage and any other damages to the house that occurred during the theft.

When a car is stolen from your garage, it can seem like a complicated situation. Although the vehicle may be covered under your auto policy, the damages to your garage should be covered by your homeowner’s policy. To learn more about making a claim, contact us to talk to an independent agent.