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Essential Facts about Auto Insurance

Insurance is vital for every property owner. In the case of an accident, the insurance company always comes to your rescue, and it is essential for one to settle for a reliable company. You do not want the inconveniences that come with having to repair your car or motorcycle from your own pocket or even having to purchase another altogether.

There are a myriad of insurance providers out there, but you ought to make an informed choice when settling for a particular company. Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. which is headquartered at 130 E Main S Ada OK 74820 offers an array of services to the customers and is always ready to interact with the clients at any time. There is a broad variety of policies for the clients to choose from. It is mandatory for one to provide financial responsibility when it comes to their automobile. This is done by buying liability insurance coverage. Motorcycle insurance aims at providing protection when your motorcycle is accidentally damaged.

Moon-baker Agency Inc. provides motorcycle insurance at competitive rates to fit your needs in Ada, OK. The agency strives to help clients find the policy that accommodates their needs. Motorcycle insurance is very important in the state of Oklahoma because there is a law that states that the one responsible for the accident should also cater for the damages incurred by the affected person in the accident. For this reason, motorcycle owners need to have the right motorcycle policies.

Riding the motorcycle that is not insured may also land you into problems with the local authorities. Such an offense can make you pay a hefty fine, be sentenced to serve a number of days in jail or have the license suspended. To avoid all these problems, consult Moon-Baker Agency Inc. for all queries regarding insurance. It is better safe than sorry.

What Can Happen If You Get Caught Driving Without Insurance?

Driving without auto insurance in Ada, OK is something that you do not want to do. Not only is it against the law to operate a vehicle without having it, but you can also face some serious penalties as a result. With an auto insurance policy from Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. you can drive without worry. Without one, you could face some of these penalties:

  • Fines. You could end up paying up to $250 in fines if you are caught without auto insurance. 
  • Jail. If you do not have a policy, you could end up behind bars for up to 30 days and you may still have the pay the fines of up to $250.
  • Loss of driving privilege. You could have your driving rights suspended. If you are caught without insurance while in an accident, you will have your license and registration suspended. This can be for up to one year or until you show proof of insurance and current financial security. Your vehicle will also be impounded. If you are caught without it at a checkpoint, your license plate will be confiscated and you will have your license and registration suspended if you do not comply within 10 days.
  • Other costs. If you need to get your license reinstated, it will cost you $250. Additionally, there is an administrative fee of $125 and a modified driver’s license fee of $175.

These are not risks that you want to take. If you do not already have an auto insurance policy or you simply want to see if you can get a lower rate, be sure to call Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. serving Ada, OK today. They can get you a free quote and help you pick the right amount of coverage for your needs and your budget.