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Does Auto Insurance Coverage Animal Collisions?

At Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. our team routinely receives calls from clients who have had trouble with animal collisions. In this area of Oklahoma, it is not uncommon to have deer or other animals dash out in front of you while you are driving down the street. Nevertheless, it is critical to stop the vehicle, make sure you are safe and uninjured, and then to call your insurance agent for help.

Will Your Policy Cover Animal Damage?

This depends on the type of auto insurance you have. If you have comprehensive auto insurance, you likely have at least some level of protection for these types of claims. Of course, each policy is different and you should verify the details of your plan and any exclusions it has first.

Comprehensive coverage may help you to recover the losses you face after a collision with animals. If your vehicle lost a mirror or perhaps needs a new windshield, you may be able to file a claim with your insurance agent to cover the losses. In some situations, the damage is significant. A single deer collision, for example, can cause damage to multiple areas of the car leading to thousands of dollars of loss. Your policy will have a maximum per accident claim limit. Most plans will cover damage up to that limit. You will also have to pay your deductible before insurance coverage applies.

How Can Our Agents Help You?

If you do not have the right type of auto insurance, don’t wait any longer to get it. Call our agents at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. to obtain a quote for your specific need. We serve residents in and around the Ada, OK area and provide competitive rates and a wide range of auto insurance plans.

Home Insurance and Home Values: Understanding the Connection

When your home insurance policy goes up, do you see that as a means to increase the total value of your property? Chances are you likely don’t, but perhaps you should. A home insurance policy can go a long way to getting the price you want when you finally do sell your home. 

Protecting All That’s Within

Your home needs to be loved in order to stay upright, and that love and care needs to be constant. Whether you perform much of the work yourself or you pay others to do it all, it’s all about giving it the attention it deserves to stay safe. Your family needs the foundation to be solid, the trees to stay away from their windows, and for any major damages to be repaired as quickly as possible. Without home insurance, you may not be able to afford to fix these things, or to fix them on a timely basis. This type of neglect will be much harder to reverse. 

Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. Can Help 

The people of Ada, OK live here because everyone cares about keeping their property up. The more neighbors on the street are concerned about how their homes look and function in relationship to the other houses, the more it will attract other hard-working buyers when the time comes. Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. gives you the tools you need and the knowledge you want to keep you feeling good about your home insurance policy. The more you see how each payment goes to keep your future intact, the more likely it is you’ll appreciate its usefulness. If you have questions or are looking for a quote in Ada, OK, give us a call to find out more about our policies.