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Do You Need To Update Your Homeowners Insurance?

When a bank requires a borrower to carry insurance, many people just take out a policy to satisfy the lender. But a homeowner’s policy can provide far more financial support than just securing a mortgage. As the year’s pass, you may find that the initial policy no longer reflects your investment in the property. That’s why Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. professionals are committed to helping members of the Ada, OK community update existing policies to ensure adequate and secure coverage.

Floods and Natural Disasters

We’re all well aware that Oklahoma endures its share of tornadoes and severe storms. But not every policy provides coverage for these types of natural disasters. When one of these twisters touches down, it can completely destroy your home. Take the time to check your policy and be certain you’re covered.

Replacement Costs

Many people assume that having a policy ensures they’ll be able to rebuild in the event of a total loss. This may not be the case. To meet today’s replacement costs, your policy will need to account for the current cost of labor, materials, building and fire code changes, among other things. The average price of home construction runs about $150 per square foot.

Personal Items

Policies often account for personal property as a percentage of the home’s value. But as you acquire wealth and assets, that number may fall short. Think about flat-screen TVs, electronic devices, jewelry, heirlooms, and other high-end items. You may want to create a list of assets and upgrade your policy to meet their value.   

Updating an existing homeowner’s policy on a regular basis makes good sense. It’s important that your coverage meets your current home value and assets. Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. professionals are available to help members of the Ada, OK community with professional and comprehensive homeowners service. We want you to enjoy a secure policy that gives you peace of mind. 

Steps to Take When You Breakdown on the Road

No one wants to deal with vehicle problems while you’re trying to get somewhere, but it can be less complicated if you know how to manage the situation.  If possible, you want to try to get your vehicle to the right-hand shoulder and off the road. Keep these tips from the Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. in the Ada, OK area in mind to help manage a breakdown safely.

  • Try to coast along the shoulder away from curves in the road so you can spot oncoming traffic when you move back on the road.
  • If your car dies in the middle of the highway, don’t get out of the car.  It’s unnerving for traffic to pile up behind you, but you’re safer in the car.
  • If it’s dark, turn on the interior light, so you’re more visible. Heavily traveled roads are also heavily patrolled and an officer will be along soon.
  • Hanging a white cloth or piece of paper out the window to let drivers know you’re in trouble.
  • Don’t try to work on your vehicle or change a tire if you’re in an area where you could be hit by traffic.
  • Use emergency blinkers to alert traffic that your vehicle isn’t moving.
  • Use your cell phone or in-car system, like OnStar, to call for roadside assistance. If you don’t have either, look for an emergency call box.

Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc.

We have been providing auto insurance to the Ada, OK area since 1905, and have worked hard to build a trusted company reputation. Auto insurance is mandatory, but the company you use is a choice. We at Moon-Baker Insurance care about the safety of you and your family. Contact us today to explore your insurance needs.