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Driving During Icy Road Conditions

Winter brings plenty of cold weather and ice to Ada, OK. Unfortunately, ice on the road can make it difficult and dangerous to drive. Depending on how bad the weather is and where you must go, sometimes it is just best to stay home if possible. However, there are times when we may find ourselves on the road during icy conditions. At Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. we feel it is best to avoid these situations. If you can’t, use these tips to stay safe during icy road conditions.

Take it Slow

Pay close attention to the weather conditions by keeping your radio tuned into the weather around you. Also, take your time driving to your destination. Going high speeds when the road is icy is extremely dangerous and can even cause an accident. If the road you are on has accumulated ice, do not drive any faster than 45 miles per hour. This includes highway driving. Remember to put the safety of you and your passengers over arriving at your destination on time.

Take Safety Precautions When Encountering Ice

If you find your vehicle is driving on ice, do not press down hard on your breaks. Anti-lock brakes do not always do well with snow and ice so take it easy to prevent slides. And if you do begin to slide, try turning your wheels in the direction that the rear is sliding.  If you have an accident, avoid getting out of your vehicle. Other drivers may also lose control and end up hitting you. At Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. of Ada, OK, we hope you stay safe while driving. In the event of an accident, give us a call as soon as you can. We are here to help.

Our Homes are Our Biggest Investment

Financially, emotionally and personally our homes are for most of us, our greatest investment. This house is the fruit of our labors and the place we call home. Having a partner to help guard what we cherish, as other homeowners who in Ada, Ok have discovered is a comfort afforded by the Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. The financial benefits of insuring your home likely offer enough motivation alone, but the reasons can run even deeper.

The Intangible Benefits

Being able to speak the words, “It is going to be okay” and knowing that it is going to be okay are worlds apart. To actually know that it is going to be okay in the face of a fire, flood or other crisis is invaluable. Perhaps the only despair more frightening than not knowing if it’s going to be okay is knowing that it could have been! This is merely the weight of the intangible benefits experienced by Ada, OK residents. Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. appreciates the deep loss tragedy can create, and also realizes that price matters.

Practical Insurance Solutions

What is a practical insurance solution? How about an insurance policy fitted to your budget and your needs? When it comes to giving you, your family and those you care about all the intangible benefits offered by the right home insurance policy, and the practical ones too – having insurance isn’t optional. The Moon – Baker comparison tools and flexible policy plans empower clients to choose the most cost-effective and reliable protection possible. Insuring what you love, how much is that worth to you?