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All Oklahomans Required To Get New Plates In 2017?

If you’ve been skating by in Ada, OK without insurance, that may be about to come to an end. All Oklahoma drivers will be required to attain new license plates by the end of 2017, and they will be required to show proof of insurance, while they’re at it.

It’s not unheard of for a driver to go through a rough month or two and let their insurance lapse, and then simply drive without coverage for as long as they can get away with it. We all do what we need to do in order to get by on lean months, however, driving without coverage is becoming less and less advisable by the day.

The new plates, bearing the slogan “Explore Oklahoma” are intended to do wonders for both tourism into the state as well as local pride, and those who register for a new plate in 2017 will be required to show proof of insurance if they hope to keep driving. Studies have shown as much as a quarter of Oklahoma drives without any insurance at all, and the new plates being mandatory will push these drivers to get the legally required coverage. Although many find the new plates appealing, the purpose of the law seems to be enforcing registration and insurance rather than simply increasing tourism.

If you’re driving without coverage, you’d be best advised not to wait one more day. Contact us as soon as you can and we can get you connected with a comprehensive insurance policy that works for you and fits your budget. If you think that you cannot afford insurance, you may be surprised at how reasonable your rates might be.