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5 Life Changes Your Insurance Agent Needs to Know About

Most individuals go through a variety of stages in life: school years, college, marriage, baby, buying a house, new jobs and retirement. How do you know when you should review your insurance levels? The amount of insurance coverage that you needed when you were a young college student living in a dorm is unlikely to be the same amount that you need when you’re a married parent of two small children who owns their own home. Here’s a quick guide to 5 times in your life when you should contact your insurance agent and review your policies and make updates.

1. Changing Your Marital Status

Whether you’re getting married or divorced, you’ll need to take some time to review whether or not your policy still fits the needs of your family. Add coverage for an additional vehicle or a sparkly ring, or consolidated households.

2. Having a Baby

Life insurance coverage should be reviewed any time there is a change to your household–and that includes your sweet, new bundle of joy. Whether you are expecting your first child or your fourth, staying at home or continuing to work, professionals at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. in the Ada, OK area can help you understand how having a baby may cause changes to your coverage needs.

3. Changing Homes

Buying, selling, adding on to your home–these are all great reasons to review your homeowner’s policies. Who knows, elements that you’re adding to your new home may cause your overall cost to drop!

4. Buying a Vehicle 

Transferring insurance can be done quickly and easily! Simply give your Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. representative a call, and they can walk you through a quick review and any changes. You’ll be back on the road in no time!

5. Starting a Business

Even home-based businesses in the Ada, OK area require a review to ensure that your inventory and any additional business equipment or workers will be covered. 

If you’re in the Ada, OK area, give us a call today at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. to ensure that your family is adequately protected. 

Do You Frequently Hit Oklahoma’s Roads, or are you a Casual Camper? How to Know if Replacement Insurance is Best for Your RV

Do you hit Oklahoma’s Roads on an on-going, regular basis, or do you just use your RV for casual camping? If you travel frequently, you may be exposed to more liability risks and may be in need of replacement Insurance as your RV’s salvage value is potentially declining the more you put it on Oklahoma’s highways.

Recreational vehicles often referred to as RV’s, consist of camper vans, motor homes, bus conversions, trailer homes and more.  They are classified by Class A, B, or C.  Each class, coupled with how you use your RV will determine your insurance cost and if you will likely be in need of replacement cost in the long run due to overuse.

Typical RV insurance policies cover the same type of liability risks that is provided by standard automobile insurance, such as collision, comprehensive and liability coverage.  With RV coverage, you can also request coverage for additional belongings, such as additional protection for attached accessories, equipment, awnings, satellite dishes and more.  Additional coverage options could also include the total loss of your RV, which is referred to as replacement coverage.

In general, RV insurance protects your recreational vehicle from excessive out-of-pocket costs associated with losses due to accidents. Including accidents where you are at fault that results in bodily injury or property damage. You can also receive full compensation for expenses associated with breaking down on the side of the road, or if damages are caused to your RV which is someone else’s fault,

Replacement insurance covers total losses to RV’s, which may be well worth the additional coverage considering RV’s are often at higher risk when they are put on the highways or used at campsites for overnight stays.

To learn more about how replacement insurance can benefit you, please visit Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. online.