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Money Saving Tips For Driving A Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle in Oklahoma can be a great way to save money in comparison to a car. However, you want to be sure you are doing what you can to save as much as you can. Below are some tips to show you where the savings can come from.

Use a Gas App

Not all gas stations around Ada are going to charge the same amount. Various gas apps can help you to make comparisons between the gas stations in your area. You can search by zip code or allow the app to find where you are based on GPS. From there, you can fill up where it’s cheaper.

Get Your Bike Serviced

The maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual is there for a reason. Get your bike serviced at the right intervals so you can be sure your engine is running the way it should be.

Shop for the Right Equipment

You should have a helmet, jacket, and boots. Shop around at local stores and online to be sure you are getting the best stuff at one of the lowest prices around.

Compare Policies

You need to have motorcycle insurance, but there’s no need to pay a fortune. Compare policies and quotes from a few different insurance companies so you can be sure you are getting the best premium that’s available.

Take a Course

Take a defensive driving course in your area. It’s going to save you some money on insurance and teach you how to be safer on the road, thus avoiding an accident that could be costly otherwise.

Get help with finding a great motorcycle insurance policy by contacting us at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. today. Our agents can get quotes and work with you on getting the right coverage that fits your budget.

Who needs umbrella insurance?

While it is an important coverage, most business owners have no idea what they need umbrella insurance for.  This type of insurance, however, has been credited with saving many businesses after a disaster or accident.  Answer these questions to see if you need umbrella insurance.

  1. What would happen to your business if you had to deal with multiple claims in the same year?  Often, it’s not a single disaster that wipes out a business, but a series of several smaller issues.  If making more than two claims in a year would interrupt your cash flow to the point where it would create financial problems, then you need additional insurance that would cover you.
  2. How would your business deal with a major disaster?  Many small business owners decide to get a policy with low coverage limits to save money.  As the business grows, however, those low limits wouldn’t make a dent in the damages that would be incurred during a catastrophic event.  An umbrella policy helps to fill in this gap.
  3. Does your business have a significant cash cushion?  After a disaster, your primary insurance will replace your losses, such as damage to your building and inventory.  It typically won’t pay you to replace the income that was lost while you completed repairs, nor will it give you anything to make up for your employee’s lost wages.  Umbrella insurance will cover a lot of these “secondary” expenses, helping your business get back on its feet a lot faster.

If you’re thinking about an umbrella insurance policy for your business, call the agents at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. They can help you to craft a policy that meets your business’ needs.