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Even Small Businesses Need Liability Insurance Protection

The State of Oklahoma’s set of state-regulated requirements for liability responsibility are duly mandated, and the prudent business owner acquires liability insurance protection coverage before opening his business operation. The range of possible liability issues raising their dragon heads is extensive, as we find ourselves living in a litigious society more than ever before.   The casual slip and fall injuries from a wet floor or icy entranceway extend to the liabilities of possible injury from the actual business services.  The commercial liability coverage is usually contained in a separate policy from that of the business property damage protection, or in a separate liability rider to the business property insurance policy.

The oversight of neglecting insuring a business against liabilities for injuries suffered by customers can be destructive to the owner’s personal assets since a lack of appropriate insurance coverage opens up his own personal assets to the costs of the injuries and physical damages. The possibility of a fine is also a threat since state regulations call for liability insurance protection for commercial buildings, walkways, and the errors of commission or omission performed by personnel acting on behalf of the business owner.

The business owner who is planning to open a commercial enterprise in the Ada, Oklahoma area should first contact the Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. for a consultation with their professionals regarding insuring adequately against any liability issues that are possible within the scope of the business operation. This long-term commercial insurance agency provides a full line of invaluable commercial insurance coverage for the small business owner in addition to the non-commercial coverages appropriate for the private residential homeowner. Never place your business into the jeopardy of fate.  Every wise businessman understands the fickleness of fate.

Benefits of Purchasing Life Insurance in Cheshire

Life insurance isn’t just something your work signs you up for automatically with your benefits package. It’s a complex need for many people, depending on how many children they have and what type of coverage they need. Examining the different policies is often necessary to find the right one for you, and we’ll show you why this may benefit you more than you think. 

Having Choices for Your Family 

Not everyone wants the same level of coverage for the people in their life, and insurance companies shouldn’t steer you toward something you don’t want. Term life insurance works for those who have kids they want to provide for until they reach a certain age (e.g., after college graduation.) These rates are affordable, and the policy expires once the time limit is up. Or you have the option of doing permanent life insurance which will cover your dependents for as long as you live. While these rates are certainly more expensive, they come with another extra benefit. 

Safety Net for Your Finances 

Unfortunately, we all get into financial scrapes — even the most responsible person among us. Having permanent life insurance is a way for you to borrow money from your own accounts when you absolutely need to. Every time you contribute money to your policy, there’s a certain percentage that will be available to you later on down the line. Many people appreciate knowing that the money is there, even when they don’t need to use it. 

Solid Business Relationships 

Knowing your insurance company is another benefit of getting life insurance, and Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. has the personalized service Ada, OK needs to answer the questions you have about life insurance. Ask for a quote from one of our friendly agents when you call today.