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What kind of Gas Should You Be Using?

Many people will pay the extra money at the pump to get the “best” gas for their vehicle. After all, the premium must be higher priced and readily available as a choice because it is better. Right? Not so much, it really depends on the vehicle although there are some universal benefits in some cases. 

Three Things You Should Keep in Mind When Choosing the Gas Grade:

  1. If your car manual recommends premium, then you will get a better response when you hit the gas. It will make a tangible difference and is worth the extra cost if your car has a high-compression engine. In fact, not using premium can reduce your engine life, if your manual recommends it. 
  2. If the manual actually requires premium, then do not risk your engine and reaction time by trying to save a few bucks at the tank. There is a reason it says required not recommend. Not using it, in this case, can reduce engine life, and more importantly your car’s reaction time when hitting the gas. 
  3. If your car’s manual does not recommend using premium, then the fact is that you will not see much of an improvement by paying the extra for premium gas. The engine must be a high-compression engine to really benefit by using premium. So save the money and go with regular, just be sure to get your engine serviced regularly in any case. 

Contact us at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. to find out more about ways to make your vehicle as responsive and long-lasting as possible for your personal safety, and insurance quotes from an agent who will call you by name when you make your claim. 

Recycling Household Items in Ada, OK the Smart Way

Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. provides their clients with a wide selection of insurance coverage which includes; health and life, medicare, builder’s insurance, social and human services, commercial insurance, home and auto.  In fact, it is mandatory to have the minimum of coverage for auto insurance in the state of Oklahoma, so vehicles owners should be aware of what type of auto insurance policies are available to them.

Home insurance in OK. isn’t mandatory, but it may be a good idea to invest in it.  Moon-Baker understands the need for homeowners to insure not only their homes, but the valuables in their home as well. Before you make a list of items to insure, here are a few tips about recycling to get rid of unnecessary items before you begin.

First, sort out any items that haven’t been in use for a long period of time.  Set aside a stack with those items that have sentimental value (the things you ‘really’ can’t part with) and those that are just cluttering the place up.  Next take a good look at the recycle pile and see if any items can be donated to charity.  If there is anything that your family or friends might want, set it aside for them.

Next, sort out what is to be recycled such as anything made of metal, large plastic items – broken toys, containers that no longer have covers, etc. – any paper items that don’t have anything valuable written on them is a bonus recycling item.  Stack them up, secure them in bundles with strong cord and place them in boxes.  After you have sorted the items, put them in containers or garbage cans and label them so you know what goes to where. If the containers are clear you can just store them until you take them to the recycling plant.