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Reasons for Home Insurance in Ada, Oklahoma

Homeowner’s insurance in Ada, Oklahoma is incredibly important to obtain for a variety of different reasons. While some people may think they can get around having insurance for certain things in their lives as it is an additional expense they see little benefit from, the truth is that you need some form of insurance when owning a home. Below are some of the most important reasons for having homeowner’s insurance in a place like Ada, Oklahoma.


All of Oklahoma is in the stretch of the Midwest better known as Tornado Alley, also known as the Great Plains where these scary and aggressive storms are prevalent from North Texas to Minnesota. Because of the fact that tornadoes can strike Ada with very little warning throughout the year and decimate a home. Because of this relatively good possibility alone, it is critical for residents in Ada to have a home insurance policy so that they can have some form of coverage in the event one of these storms strikes their town.


Many home insurance policies not only help you rebuild your home in the event of a disaster, but also give you a place to stay in the interim. This is critical for someone who is on a tight budget, especially those with families in Ada, Oklahoma.


The main reason for insurance is to protect against the unknown to varying degrees. Be it a fire that could break out in or around your home and burn it to the ground or a flood that destroys everything inside with rising water levels, you want to make sure you have some home insurance policy that will no leave you homeless and destitute if you home is destroyed. Just make sure you set up the proper home insurance policy for your needs through a company like Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. who serves the greater Ada area.

Safety on the Road for Bicyclists and Drivers takes courtesy

Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. wants everyone to be safe while on the move, and prevention is the best way to do that. Street safety takes awareness and courtesy so everyone can share the road. Bicyclists and cars are considered equal partners under the law when it comes to using roads, so obeying the law and using these tips can ensure everyone has a good day. Bicycles are some of the smallest traffic on the road. Know how to protect yourself and how to help other traffic be safe around you.

Wearing a helmet is basic common sense. So is knowing the law and obeying it. Obey stop signs and red lights. Signal clearly for turns.

Maintaining a bike in good condition makes sense as well. Look over your bike before leaving home or the office. Check tires and the seat. Is the chain loose or snug? How are the brakes working?
Oklahoma state law requires lights on bikes. Invest in lights, mirrors, and reflectors.
Ride in predictable ways that reduce sudden movements that drivers around you might not be able to predict.
Wear light colored or reflective clothing. Do everything you can to increase your visibility.

Car drivers:
According to Oklahoma law, a three-foot space is required when passing cyclists. Have patience as you wait for a good chance to pass safely. Do it slowly and don’t honk. Be aware that cyclists might have to swerve to avoid something on the shoulder or in the bike lane.
Be especially careful of children riding in residential areas: their behavior may be more unpredictable than the average adult cyclist.

Serving the Ada, Oklahoma area, Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. is here to discuss your insurance needs. Contact us for coverage options and rates.