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Tips for Being a Great House Sitter

House sitting is something that everyone is asked to do at some point or other. You simply have to make sure that the basics are taken care of and that the home of your friend, colleague, or family is safe while they are away. That being said, there are a few basics that anyone that is considering house sitting may want to know in order to be the best sitter they can be.

In most cases, when someone leaves for vacation or a trip burglary is the main worry and concern. Though it may be convenient to go to the house you are sitting at the same time every day, thieves often watch the area they are going to break into for a few days to establish patterns for those that are present in the home. This means that going to take care of the home at different times can help to create the feeling that they are not able to break in because they are not certain when someone it going to be there.

Another helpful tip is to make sure that things like lamps, heaters, and other unnecessary items are unplugged to reduce the chances of fire. If you are staying in the home you may also want to make sure you limit your use of things like the television so that you can help reduce electricity bills when the homeowner returns. Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. can help anyone find out what sort of insurance they need for having someone in their home.

Often times, when someone leaves a house sitter they allow them to eat from the fridge and pantry, a good rule of thumb is to replace anything that you have used while you stayed in the home. You may also want to get a small welcome home gift to welcome them back. House sitting is a wonderful thing to do for those in your life.

How to Donate to a Local Charity in Davis, OK

At Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. it is our goal to help the community through outstanding support and guidance. One of the ways we give back is through local donations and volunteer work in the Davis, OK area. And, we encourage you to give back to the community as well.

There are many organizations in the city and surrounding area that can use your help and support. For those in Davis, consider a few of these key organizations.

  • Disabled American Veterans provides resources and support to the people who create and maintain our freedom. We encourage you to learn more about the available programs as well as the volunteer opportunities here.
  • Davis Oklahoma Animals Volunteers Inc. is another excellent organization that needs your support. Help the animals that need a bit of help through no fault of their own through this well-deserving organization.

In addition to these organizations, you can donate a great deal of what you have “extra” around your home by utilizing any of a number of local organizations. This includes AMVETS, the Salvation Army, and Vietnam Veterans of America. You can also donate to Prevent Blindness Oklahoma and Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled.

Which of these organizations can you help this year? Depending on which one strikes at your heart or which one you learn more about and want to support, we encourage you to get involved. There is no time like right now to learn about the ways you can give back to our community. We are right here to help you through it.

At Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. you’ll find all of the insurance you need to matter what your needs may be. We encourage you to contact us today for a quote on high-quality, affordable insurance.