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Reported Demise of the Independent Insurance Agent Premature

Negative prognosticators predicted that the 21st century would witness the demise of the independent insurance agent. The mistaken belief was that large companies, located in far away cities, would dominate the industry. Customers in places such as Ada, OK would have their needs forsaken for the interests of corporate shareholders. Profits would override the rights of average Americans to receive compassionate care from their insurance agents.

Fortunately, things have proven different. Hard-working people in Oklahoma, and beyond, still enjoy the personalized services of independent insurance agents at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc.

Online Interaction

One of the main reasons why consumers still prefer independent agents is the ability to engage in online interaction. The Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. has an easy online quote feature for potential and returning clients to locate policy information.

As is common across the nation, Oklahoma requires resident motorists have adequate automobile insurance to cover damage done in accidents. No problem. Vehicle owners can just visit the Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. website to receive price information right at home.

Local Knowledge

People also choose independent agents because they want their insurance professionals to possess a degree of local knowledge. Purchasing an insurance policy that might not fulfill the coverage required for a particular locality can be frustrating. Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. has the experience and resources necessary to stay abreast of important insurance regulations affecting their customer base.

Freedom of Choice

Perhaps the biggest draw of independent agents is the ability to provide freedom of choice. These agents do not have anyone around to tell them to push a particular policy or brand. Instead, clients receive the information necessary to make wise decisions.

Contact an Independent Ada, OK Insurance Agent Today

There is no better time than the present to experience the benefits of working with an independent insurance agent. Just contact Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. today at the office, by phone or online using the easy quote feature.

Tips For Purchasing A Car As A Gift

Giving someone a car as a gift during the holiday season can be a very rewarding experience. However, if it is not done correctly, you run the risk of causing a lot of trouble for the recipient. Use some of these tips to ensure that you make the experience rewarding for all parties involved.

Take Time Choosing A Vehicle

You will need to make sure that you are choosing a vehicle that they will want. Additionally, you need to make sure that it meets their needs as far as safety, maintenance and so on goes. If they have a long commute, you may want to choose a fuel efficient car. If they have children, they’ll need to have room for their children and will want a highly rated safety vehicle. These are important things to consider because you do not want to get your loved one a car they will not like or one that will not meet their needs.

Tell The Dealer It Is A Gift

If you tell the dealer that you plan on giving it as a surprise gift, they can help you plan the details. Everything from the date it will be delivered to the big bow on top will need to be planned in advance. If you’re looking for a specific color and model,  you may want to order it in advance. That is because the holidays are a busy time of year for vehicle dealerships and you do not want to risk any delay in the delivery. 

Consider Insurance

As with any vehicle purchase, insurance will need to be purchased. In Oklahoma, it is required that the owner of the vehicle purchase auto insurance and that they show financial stability. You do not want to leave the recipient of your gift in a bind so make sure that they can afford this expense before making the purchase. If they can’t you may want to get the insurance in your name and later transfer it to the recipient. Don’t let  your loved one get caught without insurance in their new car. Talk to Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. serving Ada, OK, before making the purchase.