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Don’t Believe All The Life Insurance Myths In Ada, OK

It’s important not to believe all of the life insurance myths that you hear in Ada, Oklahoma. Instead, you want to be well informed about coverage options. This will allow you to make better decisions regarding a policy that will ultimately provide protection for your family.


The age in which you should start looking for life insurance has been one of the biggest myths out there. You can actually choose to shop for life insurance at a younger age because you will be in better health and therefore be able to achieve a better premium. It can also provide protection for your family, since you can never guess when your time is up.

Employer-Based Policies

Many people believe that employer-based policies are the best of the best. While they are generally free of cost to you, the level of coverage may not be sufficient. You have to look at what the award amount is and whether you are protected for as long as you are with the company or if it’s for life.


Health is always a concern when writing a life insurance policy. However, it’s not going to prevent you from getting a policy. There are an array of insurance companies that will happily write a policy for you, it may simply be more expensive and/or result in less coverage if you have severe health conditions.


Discounts are plentiful with life insurance and they are often not available online. Your best bet is to make some comparisons and speak with a life insurance agent.

Contact one of our independent insurance agents at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. today to find out more about life insurance. We can talk to you about the coverage options, help you find a policy, and compare rates to get you the best priced premium.

Don’t Let Your Home Go Up in Flames This Halloween

Halloween is a fun holiday to decorate for because it makes use of shadows more than any other special day of the year. Often, open flames are used to enhance the shadowy effect of decorations. For instance, candles are put in jack-o-lanterns and fires are made to gather around. If you’re decorating your home for Halloween this year, don’t let it go up in flames. Here are some tips to help ensure that you won’t have to call the fire department on October 31.

Decorating Without Creating Fire Hazards

It’s not difficult to decorate homes in a way that’s fun yet doesn’t create a fire safety risk. In fact, if you go around Ada, OK at the end of October, you’ll find several homes that are decked out in a safe yet festive manner. All you need to do is use a little common sense and make a few minor adjustments. For instance:

  • use lights instead of candles in carved pumpkins
  • don’t put fake cobwebs directly over lights
  • don’t hang streamers over open flames

These might seem like common-sense ideas, and they are. It’s easy to overlook a simple fire hazard when you’re focusing on transforming your home into a haunted house, though.

Insuring Against House Fires

Even with the best preparations, accidents do happen. Every day, including on October 31, homes across the country catch on fire. There have even been several calls to the fire department from Ada homeowners over the years.

Because you can’t prevent all fires, it’s important to also insure your home against fires. For help finding coverage that will protect your home, contact us at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. You can reach our independent agents online through our website.