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Staying Awake Behind the Wheel

Did you know that 60% of adult drivers have admitted to driving while being drowsy and tired? And nearly 40% have actually fell asleep while behind the wheel. Although men are more likely to drive when drowsy than women, there still needs to be more attention paid to helping people stay awake when driving. Here’s a quick look at a few tips for avoiding drowsiness when behind the wheel. 

Get Plenty of Sleep
The average person needs anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep each night. You should be able to assess your own need for sleep based on your normal activities and how well you actually sleep. If you know that you’re going to go on a long trip, even more than 9 hours of sleep is advised, especially if you’re going to be driving. 

Drink Lots of Liquids
Most people don’t fully understand how important it is for them to stay hydrated. In addition to drinking lots of liquids while driving, you should also eat food and snacks that are full of protein. 

Know When to Pull Over
If you’re feeling drowsy, it’s important to pull over sooner rather than later. A 20-minute cat nap at a rest stop can do wonders for your ability to stay awake when driving. 

Don’t Drive More than Two Hours at a Time
No matter the distance that you’re driving, more than two hours at a time can cause you to be extremely drowsy. If possible, you should switch drivers every two hours. If you can’t, at least pull over to stretch your legs and take a quick break. And keep in mind that these pit stops are perfect for taking a bathroom break, which can leave you feeling energized after each one. 

To learn more about staying awake when driving, make sure to contact one of our reputable insurance agents serving the Ada, OK area. 

5 Tips to Grilling Safer

When you live in Ada, Oklahoma, it can be fun to spend some time outside at the grill. To ensure you stay safe, it’s important to follow a few tips. This will keep your home safe as well as you and your family.

You can set up the BBQ with a charcoal or gas grill. Either way, you want to focus on maintaining a safe distance from the house. If you are too close, you run the risk of fire or smoke damage. It is recommended to set the grill at least 20 feet from the house or building and not in any kind of enclosure.

If you cook with gas, the tank needs to be inspected. You don’t want a rusty tank and you don’t want any leaks. This inspection can be done by you or by a gas company. If the tank is not in good condition, don’t grill until you are able to get a new one.

Keep your grill clean so you don’t have any grease or fat build up. All it takes is a few minutes to clean the grates of the grill. If there are too many flare-ups, it could cause some kind of fire.

You want to get a fire extinguisher and keep it nearby, too. Know how to use it and if there is a fire, you can respond quickly. It is also a good idea to have a spray bottle filled with water at the grill to be able to squash some of the smaller flare-ups that may occur.

Grilling at the BBQ can be fun, but it’s always a good idea to follow a few safety tips – and never leave the grill unattended.

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