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Affordable Electric Car Insurance Rates in Oklahoma City, OK

All of the major car manufacturers currently have electric cars for sale or are working on plans to sell electric cars in the near future. While they are still somewhat of a novelty to see on the streets of Oklahoma City, OK, in a few years, you will see them everywhere. Like every gas, diesel, or hybrid vehicle that you must register to drive legally in the state of Oklahoma, you need to have a minimum amount of car insurance on an electric car before it can be registered.

Being powered by electricity does not place a vehicle in any special category when it comes to auto insurance. You don’t pay more for a car that runs on diesel fuel as opposed to one that runs on gasoline or ethanol. The same factors used to determine rates on a car with a gasoline engine are used to determine rates on an electric vehicle.

If you are trying to get the most affordable car insurance rates possible on your electric vehicle, there are some things you can do. If you avoid accidents and have a clean driving record, that will help keep your rates down. The cost of your electric car as well as its safety ratings will factor into the premium you pay. It is too early to tell if electric vehicles are more likely to be stolen than diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles. Your neighborhood has more to do with the risk of theft. The number of miles you drive each year is correlated to the chances of you having an accident and filing a claim.

You should always seek quotes from a handful of auto insurance companies before you choose an auto policy. Independent agents can make the process simple by getting multiple quotes, making comparisons, and helping you find the coverage you want and need at a price you can afford.

What Factors Can Affect Homeowners Insurance Rates in OK

Oklahoma is one of those tornado-prone states, but there are also many other threats that can damage or destroy a house. While wind can be a major cause of damage, a homeowner can also suffer serious loss from fire, heavy rains, theft, and other perils. Your Oklahoma homeowners insurance rates can be affected by a number of factors.

The building materials and construction of your home can affect your homeowners insurance rates. If your house was built out of wood, as opposed to cement block, it is not only more susceptible to wind damage, but is also more susceptible to termite damage, and more likely to burn in a fire.

Speaking of fire, the distance your home is located away from a fire hydrant or fire department can also be a factor in the rates you pay for home insurance. Generally, if you live within a few miles of the fire department, or have a fire hydrant on the corner of your block, your rates will be less than if the fire department is a 10-minute drive away from home and the only source of water within sight is your garden hose. You can perhaps lower the fire risk by installing smoke alarms and having a metal or other type of roof that does not burn easily.

Where you live also matters. Homeowners in nice neighborhoods with low crime rates get a break on their rates when compared to Oklahoma residents who live in homes in high-crime areas. Insurance companies also consider such things as the number of claims you file over a specific period of time, the age of your house, and how long you have been a customer (loyalty discounts). You can often get lower rates if you buy both a home and an auto policy from the same insurance company. Finally, shop around yourself or use an independent agent to get quotes and find the insurance company that offers the best rates.