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Autonomous Cars and Commercial Insurance Rates

This winter, robotic competitions highlighted advances in technology, beyond simple computing and voice recognition systems. The winter robotic qualifications and competitions in Ada, Oklahoma 74820 underscored the fact that autonomous vehicles are right around the corner, and businesses and insurance companies will likely embrace this technology.

What Are Autonomous Vehicles?
Autonomous vehicles are vehicles driven using robotics or computers, without the assistance of humans. These cars are programmed to navigate their environment without placing others in danger. Completely autonomous vehicles are years away; however, cars designed to help people steer, brake, and backup are already on the assembly line. 

For businesses, autonomous vehicles offer many possibilities. These vehicles will make daily operations much easier for some businesses, including:
•    Construction companies
•    Delivery services
•    Trucking companies
In addition to being able to drive without a human driver, these vehicles are expected to communicate with other vehicles, people, and businesses. It seems that the possibilities for business are limitless once these vehicles are introduced, but how will these vehicles impact your commercial insurance in Ada?

Insurance and Autonomous Vehicles
With autonomous vehicles still in the design phase by many companies offering the technology, it is hard to determine how employing one of these vehicles will affect your insurance. In fact, insurance regulators are still conducting research to assess the risks associated with autonomous vehicles. With little data in existence, regulators are encouraging lawmakers to delay passing laws that allow people to drive autonomous vehicles on public roads.

Whether you need more information about autonomous vehicles today or in the future, we are always available for providing you with quotes. We can provide you with current information about concerns insurance regulators may have about autonomous vehicles. We can also let you know when it becomes legal to put an autonomous vehicle on the road in Oklahoma. Reach out to us today to find out more!

Will Car Insurance Really Go Up When My Child Gets A Learner’s Permit?

Ada, Oklahoma is a relatively diverse city. Throughout 74820, there are many employers and it is a manufacturing hub. The city has a population of nearly 20,000 and Oklahoma City is the closest metropolitan at 88 miles away.

When you have a child who obtains his or her learners permit, you have to look at what it’s going to do to the cost of your car insurance. In most instances, it can skyrocket and that’s because insurance companies look at the new driver as a risk.

Car insurance doesn’t have to skyrocket, however. Our agents are committed to helping you find a policy that makes sense for you and your budget in Ada. When driving in 74820, there are options for a policy that you need to know about.

There are coverage options that include the minimum liability requirements set by the state of Oklahoma as well as comprehensive and collision coverage options. What coverage you get depends on your driving record and how much protection you want on your car, including when your car is not on the roads.

A learner’s permit signifies a new driver, someone who has not had a whole lot of practice behind the wheel and who will make mistakes because of inexperience. However, there are ways to reduce the cost of insurance by working with various insurance companies to get quotes. You may also be eligible for discounts based upon your child being a good student as well as you being a homeowner or a member of various organizations.

We want to help you find an affordable car insurance policy, despite having a learner’s permit in the house. Call us today and let us find quotes from multiple companies so you can find a policy that provides the necessary coverage.