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If I hit a pot hole and bend my wheel, will my car insurance cover it?

Pot holes can be a problem, especially if it causes severe damage to a vehicle. In some cases, you may face a bent wheel as a result of hitting a pot hole. Depending on your car insurance policy, you may or may not have coverage to pay for the repairs to your wheel.


Many insurance providers offer coverage against a variety of situations, but the details of your plan can vary. The coverage that you have available may depend on several factors.

Some insurance providers may pay for the damages from a pot hole, but other companies may not offer coverage for the situation. A comprehensive plan often offers some protection, but the amount of funds that may be available for the repairs can vary.

Solutions for the Situation

If your insurance provider offers coverage against a bent wheel from hitting a pot hole, then you may be able to repair or replace the wheel. The insurance provider will usually allow you to get the problem fixed, but the solution that is most appropriate will depend on the situation.

When a company does not offer coverage, you may need to handle the cost personally. While a report to the city about the pot hole can help fix the cause of your problem, it is rare that the city will reimburse individuals for the damages from a pot hole.

A pot hole can be a problem when you are driving because it can damage your vehicle. While it may be possible to make a claim on your auto policy, the details regarding the amount that you can expect will vary. Contact us to speak to an agent to learn more about car insurance and coverage options.

What are the important points that I need to check in my Auto Insurance Policy?

Generally, it is a good idea to review and check your auto insurance policy when you own a car so that you can avoid any complications on the road. Whether you are looking for a new policy or you are reviewing a current plan to determine if it will meet your needs, there are a few important points that you will want to consider.

The Basic Coverage

A key factor to consider during a review is the basic coverage that is provided. State laws often provide minimum requirements when it comes to liability and personal injury protection. In some states, it is also necessary to buy uninsured or underinsured driver protection.

You want to make sure that your policy complies with the minimum standards in the state. It may also be useful to evaluate the additional protection that you have purchased and make sure it complies with your preferences.

The Deductible

Important points to consider in any auto insurance plan must include the deductible. Find out how much you are expected to pay after an accident and evaluate the situations when the deductible applies to the repairs.

A deductible will usually apply to the vehicle repairs, but there may be certain exceptions that do not require a deductible to repair the item. Each plan is different, so the details can vary.

Payment Options

Find out the options that are available for the payment. Insurers may offer a variety of options so that you can select the plan that is best for your budget.

Reviewing your coverage is an important part of maintaining the coverage that is appropriate for your needs. Contact us today to speak to an independent agent to learn more about coverage for your car.