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What Kind of Insurance Should I Consider Buying for a Concert Event in Ada, Oklahoma?

If you are planning to put on a concert in Ada, Oklahoma, then you may wonder about your insurance options. Although commercial coverage is a good idea for a business that helps put on concerts, it is not the appropriate option for a one-day or one-night event. Buying the right coverage plan will make it easier to reimburse customers if weather prevents the concert from taking place or paying for liability if an individual is injured in the crowd.

Concert Insurance

A simple solution is buying concert insurance. The coverage plan protects against financial losses if the concert is cancelled for any reason or damages to property during the event. It is available in a single-day policy or for several days leading up to the final day. If a series of concerts are taking place, then policies can be adjusted to protect against potential problems for all of the days.

Festival Coverage

Although festivals usually include more than just a basic performance, concerts often take place in festivals and are part of the coverage plan. Festival insurance protects against liability, property damage and cancellations due to weather or similar problems.

The plan can provide protection for the day of the festival or for a few days if the event takes more than one day of the schedule. In many cases, insurers will offer up to 10 days for festival coverage.

Protecting against financial losses when you are putting on a large event can seem complicated. Fortunately, plans are available that specifically address the potential problems and situations that might arise during concerts and festivals so that you can enjoy putting on a production and entertaining your audience. To learn more about protecting your big events, contact us to talk to an independent agent.