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How Does a Safety Rating Work on an Auto Insurance Policy in Ada, Oklahoma?

The safety rating on a car can seem irrelevant when it comes to finding the best auto insurance in Ada, Oklahoma, but it can play a role in the monthly price of covering a car. By understanding how the ratings work on coverage cost, it is easier to select a new car or ask for safety discounts.

Basic Rating

Each insurer will have a different rating scale that helps determine if the car falls within their discount policy. For example, a car may have a rating of 5 stars at one company, but 4.5 stars at another.

In most cases, the ratings are based on the safety standards of the vehicle, the potential damage to the car if a crash occurs and the features that help keep drivers and passengers as safe as possible. The lower the risk of injuries, the better the rating on the vehicle will become.

Impact on Insurance

The impact on personal coverage will depend on the insurer and the vehicle. A vehicle with a high safety rating will usually qualify for discounts that do not apply to other cars. The savings will vary between insurers, but may reduce the current rate by 10 to 15 percent in some cases.

Insurers are also more likely to offer better coverage options because a low risk of injuries means that the potential cost to the company is limited. Medical bills are among the highest bills associated with accidents, so having a car that limits the risk of injuries will allow the insurer to offer better rates and options.

Protecting personal finances can start with finding the right cars to get the best rates. A vehicle with high ratings will usually offer better coverage options. To learn more about the impact of the vehicle on personal coverage, contact us to talk to an independent agent today.