Facts about commercial insurance with Ada, OK Moon – Baker Insurance Agency

Just like you insure your homes, private vehicles, so are you required by law to insure all the property that are used by the public be it vehicles or houses. The damage done to third parties is covered by the owner of the premises or vehicle that was involved or exposed in a risk.

It thus goes without saying that when starting a new business, every entrepreneur insure their properties and also take a liability policy to cover the employees and other parties. This is commonly known as commercial insurance because it covers businesses. Ada, OK, Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. provides such coverage to residents of Oklahoma and the agency is loved because:

  • Availability of a variety of commercial insurance policies.
    For convenience sake and to minimize time wastage, a business enterprise may want to work with a firm that has many policies. At Baker insurance, all the commercial coverage is available to clients. A company gets the chance to insure the properties, vehicles and liability under one company. It is thus a very dynamic firm that is accommodating to different kinds of business people.
  • Coverage that is customizable and flexible.
    Whether I is auto or property cover, the company is free to choose the duration of time when they will be paying the premiums.  Some take 6 months others 12 months. For commercial auto insurance, there is more flexibility in terms of what to cover. Some cover liability, some damage to the vehicle while some cover fire and theft. As a client, you are free to choose the one that works for you.
  • Provide reliable coverage.
    Due to their rich experience in the field of insurance, Ada OK, Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. have become the one stop place for every business owner. They have created a good rapport due to their good working relationship with the people, making them stand out at providing quality to everybody.

Want to work with a reliable agency with quality services and who offers your business the convenience it deserves, look no more Ada, OK, Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. is your place.


How Much Information Do I Have to Leave on a Car If I Hit a Parked Car?

If you have hit a parked car, you need to leave information for the car’s owner. If you fail to do so, the accident can be considered a hit and run. However, many people are leery of leaving a whole bunch of information about themselves on the windshield of a parked car. After all, anyone can grab the piece of paper and suddenly have access to your personal information. This may leave you wondering just how much information you need to leave when you hit a parked car. Here is what should be left.

When you hit a parked car, you are required to leave your name, address, contact number and a brief explanation of the accident, such as where your car hit their car. If you are driving someone else’s car, you are also required to leave the name and phone number of the person who owns the car you were driving. This information must be placed in an obvious area, such as under the car’s windshield wipers. You are not required to leave insurance information, though it is recommended you do if you have the information handy.

When leaving your note, be sure to keep in mind that anything you state in the note can be used against you by the insurance company. As such, it is highly recommended that you keep things short and to the point. I accidently hit your bumper or scratched your car states what damage was done without stating I was on my cell phone or speeding and hit your car. Also, it is highly recommended you take pictures of the damage you caused in case the other driver claims more damage was done than what was present after your accident.

When you hit a parked car, your auto insurance premiums may increase. Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. serving the greater Ada, OK area, can help you find an affordable insurance policy, even if you have one or more accident on your driving record. Give us a call today to get a free quote.

In Ada, OK, What Types of Storm Damage Can Be Claimed?

Midwest storms can cause a variety of damage to both homes and vehicles. It is important to know what type of damage is covered by your insurance policy. Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. serves the residents of Ada, OK and many nearby communities. The agents can review your existing homeowner’s policy or they can put together a new one that offers the type of coverage you are looking for. They can also advise you as to what type of coverages you should include to make your insurance policy complete.

Storms can cause several types of damage to a home. Ice and hail are normally covered by homeowner’s insurance. Water damage, on the other hand, will only be covered under certain circumstances, such as wind-driven rain from a thunderstorm. Flooding is normally covered under a specific clause that is added specifically for homes located in a flood plane. Damage caused by lightning, high winds, and fallen trees is also covered. Homeowners are encouraged to take precautions to reduce different types of storm damage, such as keeping trees trimmed and the roof well maintained. 

Ada, OK is in the heart of the Midwest where storms can be strong enough scare even the most fearless of individuals. Don’t leave your home unprotected. Call the agents at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. today to get the storm coverage you need to protect your family from financial disaster. It is important to know what types of coverages are available and what exactly you will need to keep your family safe and secure in your home. Call the Moon – Baker Insurance Agency today to have all of your homeowner’s questions answered when it comes to storm damage.

Does Auto Insurance Coverage Animal Collisions?

At Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. our team routinely receives calls from clients who have had trouble with animal collisions. In this area of Oklahoma, it is not uncommon to have deer or other animals dash out in front of you while you are driving down the street. Nevertheless, it is critical to stop the vehicle, make sure you are safe and uninjured, and then to call your insurance agent for help.

Will Your Policy Cover Animal Damage?

This depends on the type of auto insurance you have. If you have comprehensive auto insurance, you likely have at least some level of protection for these types of claims. Of course, each policy is different and you should verify the details of your plan and any exclusions it has first.

Comprehensive coverage may help you to recover the losses you face after a collision with animals. If your vehicle lost a mirror or perhaps needs a new windshield, you may be able to file a claim with your insurance agent to cover the losses. In some situations, the damage is significant. A single deer collision, for example, can cause damage to multiple areas of the car leading to thousands of dollars of loss. Your policy will have a maximum per accident claim limit. Most plans will cover damage up to that limit. You will also have to pay your deductible before insurance coverage applies.

How Can Our Agents Help You?

If you do not have the right type of auto insurance, don’t wait any longer to get it. Call our agents at Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. to obtain a quote for your specific need. We serve residents in and around the Ada, OK area and provide competitive rates and a wide range of auto insurance plans.


Home Insurance and Home Values: Understanding the Connection

When your home insurance policy goes up, do you see that as a means to increase the total value of your property? Chances are you likely don’t, but perhaps you should. A home insurance policy can go a long way to getting the price you want when you finally do sell your home. 

Protecting All That’s Within

Your home needs to be loved in order to stay upright, and that love and care needs to be constant. Whether you perform much of the work yourself or you pay others to do it all, it’s all about giving it the attention it deserves to stay safe. Your family needs the foundation to be solid, the trees to stay away from their windows, and for any major damages to be repaired as quickly as possible. Without home insurance, you may not be able to afford to fix these things, or to fix them on a timely basis. This type of neglect will be much harder to reverse. 

Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. Can Help 

The people of Ada, OK live here because everyone cares about keeping their property up. The more neighbors on the street are concerned about how their homes look and function in relationship to the other houses, the more it will attract other hard-working buyers when the time comes. Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. gives you the tools you need and the knowledge you want to keep you feeling good about your home insurance policy. The more you see how each payment goes to keep your future intact, the more likely it is you’ll appreciate its usefulness. If you have questions or are looking for a quote in Ada, OK, give us a call to find out more about our policies. 

Do You Need To Update Your Homeowners Insurance?

When a bank requires a borrower to carry insurance, many people just take out a policy to satisfy the lender. But a homeowners policy can provide far more financial support than just securing a mortgage. As the years pass, you may find that initial policy no longer reflects your investment into the property. That’s why Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. professionals are committed to helping members of the Ada, OK community update existing policies to ensure adequate and secure coverage.

Floods and Natural Disasters

We’re all well aware that Oklahoma endures its share of tornadoes and severe storms. But not every policy provides coverage for these types of natural disasters. When one of these twisters touches down, it can completely destroy your home. Take the time to check your policy and be certain you’re covered.

Replacement Costs

Many people assume that having a policy ensures they’ll be able to rebuild in the event of a total loss. This may not be the case. To meet today’s replacement costs, your policy will need to account for the current cost of labor, materials, building and fire code changes, among other things. The average price of home construction runs about $150 per square foot.

Personal Items

Policies often account for personal property as a percentage of the home’s value. But as you acquire wealth and assets, that number may fall short. Think about flat screen TVs, electronic devices, jewelry, heirlooms and other high-end items. You may want to create a list of assets and upgrade your policy to meet their value.   

Updating an existing homeowners policy on a regular basis makes good sense. It’s important that your coverage meets your current home value and assets. Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. professionals are available to help members of the Ada, OK community with professional and comprehensive homeowners service. We want you to enjoy a secure policy that gives you peace of mind. 

Steps to Take When You Breakdown on the Road

No one wants to deal with vehicle problems while you’re trying to get somewhere, but it can be less complicated if you know how to manage the situation.  If possible, you want to try to get your vehicle to the right-hand shoulder and off the road. Keep these tips from the Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. in the Ada, OK area in mind to help manage a breakdown safely.

  • Try to coast along the shoulder away from curves in the road so you can spot oncoming traffic when you move back on the road.
  • If your car dies in the middle of the highway, don’t get out of the car.  It’s unnerving for traffic to pile up behind you, but you’re safer in the car.
  • If it’s dark, turn on the interior light, so you’re more visible. Heavily traveled roads are also heavily patrolled and an officer will be along soon.
  • Hanging a white cloth or piece of paper out the window to let drivers know you’re in trouble.
  • Don’t try to work on your vehicle or change a tire if you’re in an area where you could be hit by traffic.
  • Use emergency blinkers to alert traffic that your vehicle isn’t moving.
  • Use your cell phone or in-car system, like OnStar, to call for roadside assistance. If you don’t have either, look for an emergency call box.

Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc.

We have been providing auto insurance to the Ada, OK area since 1905, and have worked hard to build a trusted company reputation. Auto insurance is mandatory, but the company you use is a choice. We at Moon-Baker Insurance care about the safety of you and your family. Contact us today to explore your insurance needs.

All Oklahoman’s Required To Get New Plates In 2017?

If you’ve been skating by in Ada, OK without insurance, that may be about to come to an end. All Oklahoma drivers will be required to attain new license plates by the end of 2017, and they will be required to show proof of insurance, while they’re at it.

It’s not unheard of for a driver to go through a rough month or two and let their insurance lapse, and then simply drive without coverage for as long as they can get away with it. We all do what we need to do to get by in lean months, however, driving without coverage is becoming less and less advisable by the day.

The new plates, bearing the slogan “Explore Oklahoma” are intended to do wonders for both tourism into the state as well as local pride, and those who register for a new plate in 2017 will be required to show proof of insurance if they hope to keep driving. Studies have shown as much as a quarter of Oklahoma drives without any insurance at all, and the new plates being mandatory will push these drivers to get the legally required coverage. Although many find the new plates appealing, the purpose of the law seems to be enforcing registration and insurance rather than simply increasing tourism.

If you’re driving without coverage, you’d be best advised not to wait one more day. Contact us as soon as you can and we can get you connected with a comprehensive insurance policy that works for you and fits your budget. If you think that you cannot afford insurance, you may be surprised at how reasonable your rates might be.

Keeping Your Water Heater Fire Safe

Most Ada, OK homes have the water heater situated in the garage, and for a good reason. First, it’s a container tank full of a lot of water. If there were a leak, all that water would then spill out onto the flooring and destroy quite a bit, including the lower portion of internal walls due to moisture. Second, the water heater is exactly that, a heater with a flame source and colder garage is a safer place for the heat source to be than trapped inside a small closet. Unfortunately, just about everything else gets put in the garage too, including cleaning materials, solvents, chemicals, old papers and materials, and lots of other things that can combust or catch fire very quickly.

Regardless of where it is, the home water heater should always be kept clear of any other materials so that there is plenty of space surrounding the tank and heating element, according to the Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. Additionally, an Ada OK homeowner should make a point of keeping chemicals, solvents and other flammable materials far aware from the water heater, preferably across the garage from it or outside in a shed. The reason has to do with both proximities to heat and the ability of solvent fumes to travel. Both, if close enough to a heat source, can ignite. And when they do, that will start a fire in the garage. The fire will then spread and eventually catch other material becoming a full-blown house fire. Worse, this sort of thing can and does happen at odd times day or night, usually unexpected. That means anyone in the home is lucky just to get out alive when a fire does occur.

The best way to avoid the above is prevention and not let a fire start due to the water heater in the first place. To learn more about your water heater risk and other fire prevention tips, contact the Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. for more information.

Our Homes are Our Biggest Investment

Financially, emotionally and personally our homes are for most of us, our greatest investment. This house is the fruit of our labors and the place we call home. Having a partner to help guard what we cherish, as other homeowners who in Ada Ok have discovered is a comfort afforded by the Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. The financial benefits of insuring your home likely offer enough motivation alone, but the reasons can run even deeper.

The Intangible Benefits

Being able to speak the words, “It is going to be okay” and knowing that it is going to be okay are worlds apart. To know that it is going to be okay in the face of a fire, flood or other crisis is invaluable. Perhaps the only despair more frightening than not knowing if it’s going to be okay is knowing that it could have been! This is merely the weight of the intangible benefits experienced by Ada OK residents. Moon – Baker Insurance Agency Inc. appreciates the deep loss tragedy can create, and also realizes that price matters.

Practical Insurance Solutions

What is a practical insurance solution? How about an insurance policy fitted to your budget and your needs? When it comes to giving you, your family and those you care about all the intangible benefits offered by the right home insurance policy, and the practical ones too – having insurance isn’t optional. The Moon – Baker comparison tools and flexible policy plans empower clients to choose the most cost-effective and reliable protection possible. Insuring what you love, how much is that worth to you?